The  initial seeds of Zeytince Association for supporting and enhancing ecological living were  first  sown in  2013,  during  the discussions and endevours  of some academicians and Phd  studens  from varous  fields at Ege University in İzmir Turkey.

Zeytince Association was formally established on February 2014 in İzmir. We have recently  founded  the Olive  Academy (Zeytin Okulu)  at İnecik Karaburun with the support  from İzmir  Metropolitan Municipality and Karaburun Municipality. Olive Academy, started its activities in May 2017.

Since then, our mission has been to contribute to a livable   life  where  humans  embrace  nature  as  a whole,  respect all other forms of life on earth and live in harmony  and peace  with each other and with nature .

Our aim is to  undertake  scientific,  practical and field activities in order to contribute to enhancing  sustainable lives at all fronts, What we understand  from sustainable lives is; harmony, peace and  integration,  with  ourselves;  with other people, and  the society and with the environment as well.

To this  end  our principles and values are:

Enhancing Ecological Knowledge: Zeytince seeks to  create  ecological knowledge,  consciousness and awareness on an individual and social basis  and  to offer  solutions  with respect to conservation  and enhancement of  natural, cultural and historical riches and  

Multidisciplinary and  holistic Approach:   Multidisciplinary approach  encompasses   disciples  ranging from economics to ecology,  philosophy  and psychology to  arts and medicine and engineering.   Through  multidisciplinary  work,  we gain the ability of understanding  phenomenon in an holistic manner.  Therefore Zeytince  in  all its  works,  embraces different forms of knowledge  and integrates  positive scientific knowledge with arts  as  well as  indigenous  and other forms of  knowledge.

Uniqueness: We believe  that every  human being and every  culture, society as well as   nature,  should be treated and understood as unique.   That these should be valued  in their own  rights and  hence  should be respected,  protected and enhanced.

Plurality & Dialogue: Plurality is, simply the fact that one is born into a world populated by other people who are different from oneself and who one has to come to terms with. Plurality requires interaction, communication  and continous  dialogue, so that a shared life with others becomes possible.  Therefore   we  problematize   relations   based on competition, domination  and gaining  arbitrary control and power over  others  or  over the nature.   

Collaboration, Networking and Voluntarism  :  Zeytince takes  great opportunity    to learn from each other as we seek to support  national and international links and collaboration with other ecological associations and 

Cultural Diversity: Zeytince opposes  any form of discrimination based on nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, language, or religious beliefs.   We    consider    cultural diversity as very valuable   Zeytince Association is open to   people  from any  background.

WHAT  WE  DO:  Our  Objectives

Olive  Academy’s  objectives   embraces  two main pillars.

1. We act as a  Place of Resort  and an Advise  Center for   the guests and visitors  of the  Ephesus-Mimas Road  created by   İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

The Ephesus – Mimas Road  is part of the İzmir-Peninsula Sustainable Progress Strategy:  which  was  initiated  in 2008 by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the  cooperation  and support of of İzmir Development Agency (IZKA), İzmir Institute of Technology, Ege University and 9 Eylül University. It encompasses  Karaburun, Çeşme, Urla, Seferihisar and Güzelbahçe districts.  The strategy aimed for the  sustainable  local  development of the Peninsula and to enhance    the natural,cultural  historical heritage of the region.

The Ephesus – Mimas Road is the common name for the  routes;

Blue Route

Vineyard Route 

Olive Grove Route

 that trace history and culture  on the Peninsula, The routes  embrace all the natural, historical and cultural riches on this course.  The routes  can be  seen by visitors  through trekking, cycling or by car. 


The journey of the olive  route goes   through Güzelbahçe, Çeşme, Seferihisar, Menderes and Selçuk districts . The route was realized through the labors of the representatives of Zeytince Association in the area. Zeytince Assocciation through its  journeys  around 75 villages in the districts,  located  the monumental olive trees, olive oil workshops, water springs, olive oil factories, observation terraces, olive press locations, rocks used for olive oil production, camping sites, wells, windmills and watermills.

The olive route is being connected to DELICE Network of Gourmet Cities, of which İzmir is a member. With the membership realized in cooperation by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir Chamber of Commerce in January 2015, İzmir, and therefore the Peninsula region, has become a part of the gastronomy tourism route.

The route is being connected to DELICE Network of Gourmet Cities, of which İzmir is a member. With the membership realized in cooperation by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir Chamber of Commerce in January 2015, İzmir, and therefore the Peninsula region, has become a part of the gastronomy tourism route.

2. Olive Academy is also a Science, Knowledge and Training Center.

As such the Academy seeks to conduct  scientific research  and  training  activities  not only on olive and olive products    but also on various topics covering ecology  society, economy, philosophy,  culture and arts  in order to contribute to the design and creation of  intellectual  knowledge  on ecology  and   ecological literacy; Moreover, through the training activities,  Olive  Academy  aims to contribute to the conservation and enhancement of natural, cultural and historical riches in the  Karaburun Region. Trough our  training  acitivites we aslo seek  to contribute   to the  generation of employement  and income opportunities for  the local people, especially  youth and women.


We   have been  undertaking  a wide  range of  activities  relating to our  main objectives: including

A) Training and Scientific Activities

Conduct scientific research  so as to contribute to  ecological science and knowledge and  also provide  solutions to  enhancement of ecological living.

Provide training courses  and activities  with regards  production, consumption and  marketing  of the local products .

The training courses aim to support the development of qualified  workforce  of the Karaburun region ,  especially  for   the youth and women     who  make their  living  on tourism and  agriculture.

B) Workshop and Seminar  Activities

Our workshops    are  planned  on  various  themes  ranging from  organic and nonorganic  agriculture, ecology, philosophy,  sustainable development,  art, tourism,  health, astronomy, photography etc.

We hope that these  workshop and seminar activites will contribute not only  to  raising    awareness but also to the  preservation and enhancement   of the natural, historical,  cultural and agro-industrial heritages  of Karaburun region.

Through the national and internationa workshops  we strive to support the integration of Karaburun Peninsula to international ecological and eco- tourism networks.

C) Social Activities

Our social activates  encompass  harvest festivals; visits to monumental olive trees , traditional olive press factories, thematic markets,  etc, .We hope that such social activities  will enhance the visibility and attraction of  the  various  routes  at  Ephesus  Mimas  Road.


Inhabitants of the  Karaburun  peninsula, especially young people and women,

National and international visitors of  Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Route and Olive Route,

Students (from all education levels),

Cooperatives; olive producers, local producers, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers,

Academicians, researchers and experts from within and outside the country, institution representatives,

People who desire to participate in training and promotional activities.